Cornerstone School of Truth


To give children in Gwo Cheval the opportunity to be excellently educated in an environment full of the presence of God which will produce Christ-centered leaders who will in turn lead the community out of darkness and into revival!

Current Situation

Overall, the education system in Haiti is failing the future generations. Two of the largest problems are that there is a huge lack of funding for education and the system is based on repetition unto memorization, not explanation unto comprehension.

Plan of Action

The school will open Fall of 2016. We will start the school inside our recently built church building with a preschool class of 25 students. Each consecutive year we will take a new class of 25 preschoolers. The students that acquire the necessary skills will advance to the next grade. The church building can hold the first two years of the school, for the third year of school and beyond we will build new classrooms.

The school will be staffed with Christians that have a love for children and a desire to develop their teaching skills. We will also have cooks to prepare a small snack in the morning and a nutritious lunch for the children.

Start-Up Needs

  • Land Acquisition
    • We immediately need to purchase the land surrounding the church building in order to have space for the school to grow year after year.
    • UPDATE 1/7 – We have funding for the land on which we will build the water basin, kitchen, toilets and classrooms through 2nd grade (Spring 2020)
  • Water Basin
    • We need to build a 40,000 gallon basin to provide for the school lunches and to serve the community in the dry season.
  • Kitchen
    • A small room for the food to be prepared and the dishes to be washed.
  • Bathrooms
    • An outhouse or potentially a self-composting toilets.
  • Bench-Desks
    • Modifying the church benches to have a desk on the back of them.
    • Additional whole benches will be needed.
  • Classroom Materials
    • Curriculum, Chalk boards, ABC & 123 wall charts, etc.
  • Student Sponsors
    • Each student’s family will pay $30/year for tuition. (Based on average school costs in the area)
    • Each student will need monthly support to provide for their school supplies, staff salary, food and facility up-keep.

cost estimates

To give financially towards the school budget or sponsor a child:

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If you would rather send a check, please make it out to Cornerstone Church  with Cornerstone School of Truth in the memo and mail it to:
Cornerstone Church
PO BOX 111

When you commit to sponsoring a child please send an email to Jesse ( so we can begin connecting you with the student you are sponsoring. Also note that the student sponsorship is for a whole year and you will have the option of continuing/ending your sponsorship each year.