Jesse’s Call to Haiti

Our church was planning a mission trip to Haiti for the Spring Break of 2010. I really wanted to go on the trip but I had signed up for a Habitat for Humanity trip prior to the announcement of the Haiti trip. Then in January 2010 Haiti was hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that brought the eyes of the world on the nation. There were many warnings from the government and others not to go to Haiti during that recovery time but we knew The Lord had called us there for that very purpose. The church is to be the recovery plan for Haiti! As I watched the news and saw the devastation that Haiti was experiencing my heart was filled with compassion like many others. The Spirit of God came over me and led me in intercession like I had never experienced before. Since I couldn’t go on the trip The Lord told me to give money to help the team that was going. The next Sunday I put a check in the offering with ‘Haiti’ in the memo and continued to pray. A couple weeks later Michael, my pastor, asked if I was coming on the mission trip to Haiti. I told him no and then he let me know that he had bought me a non-transferable, non-refundable plane ticket because he thought that my offering check was a deposit on the trip cost! Since God had built up such a love in my heart for the Haitians I immediately knew that the circumstances were not coincidence but divinely set up by God to get me to go with our team! Once I was in Haiti the Lord spoke very clearly that I would be a missionary in that country.


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