Kirsten’s Call to Haiti

Ever since high school, I have felt the pull of God toward being a full-time missionary in another country. During college, that call was explicitly confirmed in my heart through mission trips to Haiti and Argentina. The only thing unclear was just exactly where I would go and when.

After graduating from Olivet Nazarene University, School of Nursing in May of 2011, the Lord led me to move up to the Milwaukee, WI area with my oldest brother, Jonathan, and his family. I had no idea why I was supposed to be in Milwaukee or for how long, but I made the move trusting that God would show me more of His plan as I continued to trust and obey. Through my mom and sister-in-law doing internet searches for churches in the Milwaukee area, they both found Cornerstone Church Milwaukee and suggested that I check it out since it seemed like a church that was on-fire for the Lord. And oh wow were they right! The Lord connected me to this body of believers like I had never experienced and God continued expanding my vision for living in the fullness of life that Jesus has for us! Then in March of 2012 I went on Cornerstone’s Haiti mission trip. While there, Michael shared the vision for all that God wanted to do in this nation through His church. My heart nearly exploded inside of my chest!

Back stateside I began seeking the Lord, asking for confirmation, and talking with those who knew me best to make sure I was hearing God right. I definitely was! God was calling me to full-time mission work in Haiti through Cornerstone Church!


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